As a classically trained, professional pianist and artist,   Brook Opath is a modern day Renaissance Woman. 

Brook studied piano from a young age under the tutelage of Dr. David Kreider of McDaniel College.   She began her fine  art training as a young teen, receiving private  lessons from Anita Huddlestont in Sykesville, Maryland.    She continued her education at Berkeley City College in California  and also studied studied film at the University of Utah.

A self described Surrealist Existentialist, she is inspired by the work of Max Ernst and Leonora Carrington.   Surrealism and collage gave Brook an outlet for coping with her growing disillusionment with the world.   It began as an automatic hobby that turned into an all-consuming passion and means of expression. 


She considers her work experiments with imperfection and fear, as well as exercises connecting Life with Death and other inescapable fates and collective memories.

When not covered in glue and hundreds of deconstructed images, Brook enjoys screenwriting, playing the piano and entertaining her 5 year old daughter. She resides and works out of her home with her husband in Westminster, Maryland.